Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sixty Six

Would you risk a friendship to start a relationship?
Yes, because your both mature about things so you can move and be friends after like nothing happened.
If its a good friendship that you have with someone. A friendship that is full of laughs and smiles and happiness then don't risk it because its not the same after, its almost like a fake act you put on when you see eachother, thats even if you do see each other again.
If I knew then what i know now, things would be different.
Is it meant to be upsetting when you know things that has been kept from you, like a secret but not a secret?

When you think you know someone especially when its during a short period of time, you know theres something there, someone that can make you happy and can take the piss out of you by the smallest things that have been mentioned before. Its really nice to have a friendship like that, a friendship where you can talk about anything and everything, But when realisation hits you, hits you like a punch in the face that this person who you call your friend is a completely different person, so different that you might aswell change their name and looks.
ofcourse you wouldnt realise this unless you actually start a relationship with this person and break up.

Have you ever experience breaking up with someone, feeling guilty and full of regret, crying to the person that has helped you most but there was no reason why, when know you that you shouldn't because you havnt done anything wrong, you ended the relationship because you knew there was something wrong so you stopped what you had cause you know you'll be getting yourself hurt in the future.
Hoping that you get a reply to know that you are more important than it seemed. 

Finding out a month later that you didnt get the reply you wanted, because you was specifically ignored, as your ex became attracted to someone else but wouldnt admit it to you so the excuse was: there was 'not enough time' when its a blatant lie because the next day your ex goes back to the city (cant miss karaoke) to "study" with friends from your own town.
What makes it worse is that during the relationship you had an idea that there may be trouble and you know this because your ex slept in the same room with their bestfriend who happened to be the opposite sex, it wasnt just once, it was quite often too.
No person in the world, I mean a decent person will ever be ok with this happening.
Even when one slept on the floor and the other in the bed, its a lot of trust. 

When you trust someone too much because you thought they were really decent, really genuine and good because of what you hear by other people. When you hear they're not typical and they are someone that can treat you really nicely and its someone that you deserve theres already a lot of trust put in because you take someones word for it.
Its nice to know that this person you started a relationship with, hasnt had a history off relationships, its quite re-assuring for you.
Weirdest thing is, you weren't surprised when you found out that there was something going on with your ex and their 'best friend', you knew it would happen. When you find out that they were hugging and kissing on the floor at the night of karaoke it doesnt really effect you but what annoys you is that the night of karaoke was the day after you two broke up.  

This person that you liked, gave an impression of confidence, very flirty and sarcastic, thats what attracted you to this person, but what makes this person so cute is that they get an erection by just sleeping next to you on the first night you two stayed together, bless.
After about a month into your relationship its not as exciting as it was in the beginning, apart from your Monthiversary ofcourse! But the amount of texts and phone calls you receive slowly decreases until about once a week. Phonecalls are what you rely on because you cant just decide meet eachother in five minutes
It gets hard for you because your friends constantly ask you how you two are and you reply with 'yeah we're good thanks' when really in your head its like 'i dont know'
Feeling embarrassed inside with your fake smile on.
Its especially harder for you because its a long distance relationship that you have, to be honest does it really count as long distance? when your an hour away.
Sometimes you'd think to yourself, should i of started the relationship in the first place? Because now the friendship that you had that was good, in your opinion anyway is ruined but looking at the friendship that your ex had with someone else, makes you wonder if you'd just be forgotten too just like theirs and its horrible to see because your ex doesnt even give a second thought about calling this 'friend'
Since your break up, theres one thing that you realise and that is that you gained a very good friend from all this and he makes you realise that you are a much bigger person, You hope to have this friend in your life for a very long time.

When you two were in a relationship a comment out of the blue
'Did you know '(Someone)' Said I could probably get away with sleeping with '(person)'
What are you meant to say to that eh?

After a month of being single and hearing no sign of your ex boyfriend, your sitting in costa having breakfast and a catch up with your friend and you get a text asking to 'meet up' How strange, so you two meet and you sit in starbucks for 2 hours talking about whats been happening, but no subject of their new girlfriend. Felt like a waste of time afterwards.
You asked 'so why did you all of a sudden get in touch with me after a month of nothing?'
'I'm not exactly going to randomly ring you any more am i?' 

When you break up you was told that your ex gave a comment of
'I asked next door if we were making too much noise last night'
Sex implied, but not when you stayed over.

'Im only gunna mention you if people ask'  Thanks,

Best bit was,
'I hate it when pricks stop talking to their girlfriends because they broke up, i think its really shallow'

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Watch 56.53''
'You know its odd when you meet someone that see's the world in a completely different way to you, and it just makes you question everything that you are...He's no different'

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  1. Aww Cinsy this is so :'( but the erection bit was too funny!! And burn with the selling of the teddy! lol! good on you! fucking basted deserves this! and that girl he is with is not even pretty your much better then her! and he still hasn't in boxed me back the scared little nob! haha! hes scared of a 15 year old what a little freak haha!xx

  2. Cinsy you are such a bitch, you cant talk like that about someone.... well you can because you are

  3. Lol at Marys comment:) are actually so good at writing blogs :) i lvoe the bitchyness xD aha xxx<3

  4. what a hippocrit, good job you ened it he sounds like a right dick head :)
    your writtin really reminds me of sarah jessica parker from sex and the city :)
    from the hater of gary


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